And Now … More Linux :o! 🙂 Not even two seconds after sending you on your merry ways I’ve found another useful widdioh on the UToobz. This one by Sneeky, an institution in the YT Linux universe. This vid is for when you are, like, a total doofus and know nothing about shit. So it’s good. But of course he’s sending you to Grrrr shitty Ubuntu. 😦 That’s bad but obviously still the choice of old salts to send their minions into the Ubuntu saltmines first and figger out for themselves what crap they bought into. Apart from that the video is quite cool.

I guess Ubuntu still lives from its reputation of being the best beginners system. Well, it ain’t anymore. Canonical, Ubuntu’s commercial home, have made too many bad decisions, pushed too many bad desktops onto their system, made it too unfriendly and complicated to use and now ended up with Gnome3, the world’s worst desktop environment. A desktop that has barely any functionality, and the little stuff its got is best activated with weird combinations of key presses. It’s loved and used by power users and professionals and uber geeks, not by human beings.

Not very n00b-friendly, is it? That’s why Mint is on #3 and its grandad Ubuntu follows only on #5 in the DistroWatch charts. Apart from that is Sneeky’s video quite good as it shows you all the stuff you can expect from a modern Linux distro.

Watch the shit!



  1. Hey, I use Ubuntu! (I’m a n00b, though.) I’m considering trying out Arch or Gentoo as a learning experience. I only started with Ubuntu because it seemed easy for a beginner. I’m getting the hang of the terminal and such now, though. Any other suggestions for the next distro?

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    • Hmm, hm hm, Secrets, that one can’t consider Ubuntu as a n00b friendly distro anymore, should be clear. The stupid Unity desktop was bad enough, now with Gnome3 they once and for all left the human realm. If you know how to live with that desktop and live a productive live … then my hat’s off to you. I couldn’t live with that riff raff for 3 seconds before suffering a severe heart attack. Gnome 3 is for geeky keyboard warriors. Ok, as for the base system, I’ve never tried Gentoo, neither the vanilla Debian. I love Arch in particular because of the AUR. Aside from that there are various distros which make the install easy and curate the update packages in risky, testing and stable packages, which makes life easier for the masses. So you have a geeky system with any desktop you wish for, and can have a similar relaxing life as on i.e. Mint. If you’re up for it I recommend an installation of vanilla Arch. You can geek your heart out on that shit. 🙂 Luke Smith YT channel made a how-to about the install process.

      I’ve never tried it since I’m happy with some developer watching over me.

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