Really RocketNet, Really?


On the 5th of December, more than a full month ago now, RocketNet sent us a confirmative email, telling us that our connection date would be inside the next two weeks. LOL, yeah, as consumers with some routine and experience under our belts we knew in the upcoming xmas hectic this is never gonna happen, and most probably not in the couple days between xmas and the new year neither. Not in this town, that, like, totally shuts down until February or so. But we also knew RocketNet are different, they are a dynamic young business in a dynamic and highly competetive field of business, namely Fibre optics internet.

So we thought. And we were hopeful, awaiting the visit by the installation team to happen any day.

And we were wrong. And our waiting was futile. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ

Because despite the penile symbolicism on their website the RocketNet guys aren’t really upstanding guys, standing to attention, hard and true to their promise. At least here at the cape village they are just run-of-the-mill tardy hippies who can’t be bothered. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ

I’ve got enough of their shit now. Will call them right nownow!!!



  1. Hi there, I am the CEO of RocketNet and have come across this post. Would you be so kind as to get in contact with me please so we could discuss this? Many thanks and much appreciated.

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    • Hi Simon,
      thx for stumbling about my little bloggo. As you maybe have noticed the original post was released on January 7 of 2019, so almost a year ago. Not even 2 weeks later we got the router and upgraded from DSL to fibre. And since then everything’s turned out fine and we’re very happy and satisfied fibre fraggles.
      Thank you and SADV for being such cool service providers.


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