See How Easy It Is!!!

Oh my, how could I’ve missed this wonderfully concise video about how you install Linux Mint on a PC? Maybe because I don’t check the Explaining Computers channel very often since it’s too n00bfriendly for my needs. Yeah. But then didn’t I dedicate this blog in parts to helping new Linux users? Yes, I did.

So, in lieu of that I present to you Christopher Barnatt’s vid tut on how to install Mint 19 on your hardware. The vid is from August 2018 but it’ll be the same when you do it now. Only Mint’s release version is called 19.1 now, which makes no big difference.

I just watched it and couldn’t find much to nag about. This tutorial is really usable!

Most important thing for when you just downloaded the mint.ISO file, is how to get it onto a USB-stick, right. I guess your Windows ain’t equipped with a flash drive maker so you just download a piece of software called Etcher and use that to create the installation media without any problems. Hey, you too stupid to do even that simple thing? No problemo, just go totally oldschool and burn the image on a DVD blank and install from there. It’s slower, it’s wasteful, it’s not elegant, it’s not at all sexy, but should work as well. 😉

And once you’ve got Minty installed you’ll find all the tools to create USB flash drives for all purposes. Sorted! 😉




      • Or even the *gulps … the 70s! 😮

        Ya, indeed he looks like one of the TV expert professors from public televison stations from way back then. And his show is mostly equally “calming”. 😉 As I said, I don’t really watch him but I found his installation tutorial petty good. And that is the most important part, Fred. Many people would be okay with a freshly installed Linux on their computers but they aren’t able to physically install that shit. So we’re losing many possible convertees already long before they ever get to see a Linux in the first place.


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