The Difference

When you see it. 😉


And … ready?

Yeah, you got it right at once: That’s a Win7 running on MiniMe. :/

But wait, there’s more to it than the picture makes you believe. I needed Windows for a very short time on one of my machines, because, believe it or not, only Windows could read all the very important files on my 500GB Transcend external hard drive. 😮

Also the latest fukup of my main machine wasn’t a Linux problem and neither caused by it. Repair lesbian told me what happened and it’s indeed a badly constructed motherboard by Gigabyte … yes, by the bestest mobo manufacturer in the world, Gigabyte. 😮 And of course it was I who had to buy the wurst one they ever made. 😦 Anyhoo, fact is one cable doesn’t fit correctly in its socket and every time the PC runs a bit hotter it loses contact and the whole computer turns into an Alzheimers patient. 😦

And even more anyhoo, she was the first techy to diagnose the problem correctly and now she’s tryna find a way to fix it. Meanwhile I used Win to copy all my VIFs (Very Important Files) from the hard drive and copy them over to our new one. Save is save, or safe is safe, or sicher ist sicher. 😉 Now everything is properly backupped or upbacked. All the photos and illustrations and screenshots from my blogs since the beginning of time, all my digi photos, all my digital life from even before the Big Bang. Pheew. 🙂 But ok, I just see I obviously had major data loss, since not everything was on the disc. :/ But at least all the stuff since 2017 or so.


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