Tom Again

Morning my friendly readers (all two of you),

remember how I was scourging Tom for making a best Linux distros list of the year 2018 already in February? Ya, that was something, right? Well, this time he approached his list already now, early January; not giving us the bestest distros for 2019 but looking back at 2018. Yeah! That’s how it’s done.

Lookywatchy his comprehensive video about all the distros he thoroughly tested, not in VM but on the metal, and for longer than five minutes. Should be good:

The distros he mentions in the video are …

Elementary OS – 1:21…

Ubuntu Budgie – 4:43…

Linux Mint – 7:00https://linuxmint.com…

Fedora – 9:54……

Solus – 13:40…

Deepin – 16:04…

Manjaro – 19:10…

LMDE – 21:35…

Hm, yes, the usual suspects, the most talked about, the most scandalous, the bestest. Most of the candidates I had installed and even wrote about myself. But contrary to Tom I’m not a good christian person and lack the angelic patience and have a very low tolerance level for bullshit.

As most people I love seeing my own assesssment being confirmed by a professional and my thoughts about those distros are mostly congruent with Tom’s. What I can’t understand is his tolerance and patience for sub par distros. Anything I don’t like? Be gone, baibai. No second chances with Orca. We are on the best code, we have many desktops to cover all our needs, we are spoiled. So we can be very discrimatinating and make the hard decisions.

So, Elementary can be usable after you fiddle around with it like a real geek? Fedora became better during the year? Deepin disabled the spyware in their software store? Solus ran into trubbelz but sorted them out? Excuse me, but why should I care? Why should anyone care? Why would we install that shit a second time? Peepels, once again: The GNU/Linux realm is big, it’s yuuuge, it gives us choices for the most exclusive and elusive tastes, workflows and usage scenarios. And in this blog we care about ease of use, low maintenance, maximum freedom. We care about Linux for housewifes, kidz and the elderly. Why would we tolerate weaknesses? We don’t!

And that’s why my year’s best list contained two distros, and two only. And not even to choose from but for two different user types. Linux is easy, Linux is fun! Why make it complicated?

Now I’ve listened to Tom for 24 minutes, even twice in a row. Only to find out that I was right all along. Thank you Tom, you could have made it shorter, you know? For example like so:

Elementary OS: Crap. Don’t use.

Ubuntu Budgie: Nice and easy Ubuntu full of rainbows and unicorns … for little girls.

Linux Mint: Da Bomb! Highly recommended!

Fedora: Quality is something else. Stay away from this crap.

Solus: See Fedora.

Deepin: So, you stopped spying on me? Congratz. Now bugger off to China and don’t come back.

Manjaro: Great distro for great people!

LMDE: Mint on steroids, try it out!

And that wraps it up. You know what to do, what to think, how to be a real spoiled brat and unbelievably sexy and smart. Welcome. 😉



  1. Hey! I’m one of the two readers of yours 😁. I couldn’t watch the entire video (24 minutes is very long for me nowadays). However, I enjoyed your summary. As you know, I use Linux Mint 18.3 and Lubuntu (based on Ubuntu 18.4 and LXDE). They are both very good and stable – as long as you don’t have an Nvidia graphic card because that requires a bit of tweaking to use as there are no open drivers available equivalent to the proprietary ones. I’m really impressed with Lubuntu Desktop because the games that for some odd reason (tested with both Wine-stable and PlayonLinux latest version) can’t get to work on Linux Mint, work perfectly fine in Lubuntu. Keep up the good articles!!!

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    • Thx very much, and belated xmas/winter solstice/new years greetings to you. Nice to know you’re one of the two long-suffering legends, please stay as long as you can endure. 😉 Butt allow me some kwestshons pleez:

      Since when is 24 minutes too long nowadays? Did some astronomical scientists add some seconds to the minute or wot? Anyway, I can assure you, you didn’t miss much as Tom, like all the others, likes to repeat himself and also repeat himself, and sometimes is also redundant just to make double sure that we all really understand what he’s saying and pointing out and that we get his reasoning. 😉

      My summary was just that: A short form summary of my thoughts about those distros. As I’m not short on time but very impatient I often form my opinion on any distro in less than a minute or so. And I think taking longer to explain myself would be a waste of time, yours and mine. Glad you liked.

      I don’t really understand your choice of distros tho. Mint is cool, but 18.3 … really? You know 19.0 and 19.1 have been released in the meantime. Any specific reason to supress the updates? Lubuntu, yeah I can understand as well, as it’s a favourite of all the folks who are still stuck on *buntu. And it’s ok-ish for really really old and slooooow hardware. Ok. But I thought they updated the code from LXDE to LXQt, no? And there comes my problem into play, and one of the reasons why I’m not on any *buntu and only use Mint in emergencies: I’m a Nvidia user and on Arch I always get the latest drivers. 😉 Much more convenient than with any *buntu based distro.

      Also I’m not a gamer at all (SL ain’t a game, period!) and I’ve never tried that hit-and-miss Wine nonsense, neither PlayonLinux or anything by Lord Gaben.

      … But … hmmm … *I*D*E*A* … how about you make a little or big blogstory about Gaming on Linux? AFAIK that’s still one of the hurdles for Linux to gain more users: The gaming problem. I only know it became much better in the last couple years,but if you could maybe convince your fellow blog rea…sufferers (the other one) that gaming is absolutely possible in Linux, that would be swell. Nobody would believe me, but an ekspert like you … everybody would be glued to your lips. Pleez let me no and I’ll send you an invite to your email and then you’re good to publish a 20-parts story about how everybody can play the latest Triple A Games on their fancy schmancy Linux boxes.

      \o/ YAY! And Thank You! \o/

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      • I ain’t no ekspert, honey! Ok, here we go with the answers to your questions. As the universe keeps expanding, the correlation between time and space is becoming narrower and narrower, to the point where sooner or later they will disappear altogether merging both into a mere perpetual here and now! 🤣

        The video was too long because when I started watching it my cat and dog reminded me that they needed to have their breakfast (I cook for them every day as I consider pet food dangerous junk to enrich unscrupulous vets).

        My choice of distro is very easy. 2 weeks ago, I downloaded Nvidia latest driver directly from Nvidia and the laptop wouldn’t boot anymore. I couldn’t access recovery mode and it wouldn’t start from USB either (I tried both Tara 19 and Cinnamon 18). Then suddenly, probably due to the fact that one of my magic tears collided with the flash drive containing Cinnamon 18.3, the laptop started again and, after miraculously managing to back up all of my filez, I reinstalled it! Mind you that I’ve only started using Linux since June 2018 and I ain’t no programmer either though I’m starting to learn…

        Your gaming idea and why I’m not the right candidate. I only play HOPA games and I’m more interested in game developing than playing. Linux has great software for that (Blender, Gimp, Krita). WineHQ has an extensive list with most games which have been tested and work fine with Linux
        Same goes for PlayonLinux, however the main developer (Mr Quentin) has released a java based alpha version of it which is very likely to fix most bugs and incompatibility issues when running Windows games

        The most experienced gamers for Linux can be found here: . A community of very friendly people who share the passion of gaming on linux. They also publish guides and how tos for most Windows games!

        Have a great time in both your first and second life! 🤗

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        • “I downloaded Nvidia latest driver directly from Nvidia”

          😮 We don’t ever do that in Linux, hun!!! If something’s not in the repo consider it as non-existent!

          Datz one of da reasons why I lurv my Arch-based distros so much: Pacman/Pamac is vast, and the AUR is even biggerer and vasterer and contains every fukn piece of applicable software ever conceived by and for humans and/or avatars!

          “As the universe keeps expanding, the correlation between time and space is becoming narrower and narrower, to the point where sooner or later they will disappear altogether merging both into a mere perpetual here and now! 🤣”

          You’ve created my officially most favourite piece of poetry and also a good advice on how to live our lifes. From the moment when I quit working for da bossman in 99 and decided to become a bum I’m spending my time in the perpetual here and now. Very zen-like and yoga yogi n shit. Loving it like a good (veggie) burger!

          “I only play HOPA games”
          House of Pancakes?

          “Have a great time in both your first and second life! 🤗”
          Always having the bestest time iRL, will soon (well, soon in the Here and Now) again have in SL too. Same to you.


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