My Favourite RL Sailboat

Must be the TP52. Simply coz it’s sleek, flat, has no obnoxious deck houses and steering wheels but is just a barebones sailing machine for real sailors. And now, after a turbulent racing season, The World Sailing Show have produced a docu about this wondrous class. Here is the trailer:

Unfortunately it’s a bit short. But you can watch a whole plethora of videos from the TP52 Super Series on the World Sailing Show’s YT channel.

Anyone still caring about the sillyness that is the America’s Cup?



    • But … never underestimate the power of a clever rmarketed campaign. And hey, everybody can afford a MC38 = not sexy. 😮 it’s 2018, nobody’s sailing for the heck of it anymore, it’s all about the moolah and media.


  1. Regarding the AC, you should check out what developments Artemis team did since the end of the competition last spring: it is quite extraordinary, as they claim to have made possible a sailboat that can sail 24/7 with or without wind…. opening real interesting commercial possibilities for sailboats.
    So proof that some of the millions spent to have the foiling cats found a way to great stuff !
    What do you think?

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    • Yes, I’ve read about the new thing, Vivi. It’s like a perpetuum mobile, humanity’s old dream. It’s a nifty idea but – same as always these days – all about the business. These things won’t make elegant racing machines. :/


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