When Sneeky’s Right, He’s Right!

First day of the year, first Linux story. Of course. Did you expect any different? You know as long as I’m without my good computer and my good monitor, playing in Second Life just isn’t what it’s supposed to be. Yeah, I’m really burning to finally continue my sailing trip, and I’m burning hard, but no, not gonna happen on this weakling PC and a 768×1366 panel. So let’s dabble a bit in Linuxy things, shall we? I mean just to pass the time, and it won’t hurt or does it?

And since you’re all hungover and in a grumpy mood I’ll go easy on you and start the year with a simple propaganda piece by the inimitable Sneeky:

So, after viewing this shorty video, now you know why not just anybody and everybody else needs a good portion of Linux in  their lifes … but you too! That was ass-inspiring, wasn’t it? If I wasn’t on Linux already I’d sooo get on it now. Right now! Look, I’m not even gonna try to push a certain distribution and a certain desktop environment on you.

I do me and you do you! Ok? As long as what you do is finally installing and using a Linux all is good and we can stay friends. 😉


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