What Monitor?

Hey, guess who’s back? It’s me, your editrix, with a question. I need your expertise you guys. As my “trusty” 24″ Acer screen just gave up its ghost I’m looking for a replacement. That Acer was, contrary to expectations all kinds of good and served us well since 2010. A timespan that was, according to some experts, already much too long, so that old screen was long overdue to fail on me. Well, finally it did. So here we are.

dellLet me tell you quickly about my requirements:

  • 24″ – 27″
  • 1080×1920 Full HD resolution
  • quick refresh rate for when playing inworld SL
  • Matte screen
  • Narrow bezels, stable non-glossy stand, to avoid reflections
  • Not too expensive

As you can maybe imagine my choice is a bit limited here in the 3rd World but if I can’t fnd anything there’s always the option to buy such a thing in Deutschland and bring is with us as carry-on luggage. 😉


So lovely peepels, what is your experience, what do you recommend an always kinda broke hardware fraggle to buy? Dell still the choice of professionals, Samsung king of the screens? Anyway, if today your monitor would go black to never come back, what would you purchase? Let me know please.

Thx and cya laterz




    • Yeah … nope. :/ You’re aware that this is the mostest expensiest 24″ monitor in Dell’s setup, right? What makes it so special I can convince hubby to spend 1000 ZAR more than for other Dell screens of similar size? Doesn’t look much different in product photos and I can’t get proper technical data for it anywhere.

      Oh, and a Happy and prosperous 2019 to you too, darlin’.


        • Oh, what do you think about the Dell SE2717H 27″ FHD? It’s not as fancy but Matte screen and 27″ and costs roundabout the same.


          • No, I wouldn’t get a 27′ with only FHD (1920 x 1080). Better stick to a 24′. A 27′ needs QHD (2560 x 1440). Get the P2419H, it’s cheap and sexy.

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            • Yes, you’re right, the pixels would be too visible on a 27″ screen. It’s just like 1366×768 which looks good on my 11″ netbook but terrible on hubby’s 15″ lappy. But I fear the P2419H is too glossy, no? My study is very lightfilled. Let’s not forget we’re in sunny Africa and have lots of reflections. :/


                • Yesyes. Now I’ve only gotta convince hubby about this necessary investment and then all will be good. BTW, what are you rockin’ panelwise? Dell, Asus, Samsung or what?


                  • I have an Asus 27′ QHD, IPS panel. It has been very good for the 5 years I’ve had it. If I upgrade it will be to a 32′ 4K monitor with full Adobe color palette. Very expensive stuff.

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