The Stats

The stats for 2018 will tell us if Orca was a good girl or just some bishie … or a good bishie, which would be the optimum to strive for, right?

Ok, let’s see then …


Hmmm, 2016 obviously was my most prolific year yet. Easy explainification for that lies in the fact that in 2016 I spent long time-outs being grounded while Turdy was in the garage racking up the bills, sometimes for weeks. In 2018 I’m mostly happy with Oubaas, so I spend more time out and about, on the road, instead of sitting hunched behind a computer.

Nevertheless was 1018 my second most successful year to date, so I guess this bloggy is on a good path. Particularly since I propagated the  Follow function I slowly but steadily collect new Followers. Cool, and thanks for that guys. Now deal with it.

Since Maiti is strangeley quiet lately the amount of heated discussions in the Comment Section has also slightly deteriorated. This is mostly out of my hands but I really wish for a bit more life in there. Are y’all sleeping or wot? Or am I such an agreeable person that nobody feels the need to shout angrily at me?

Anyhoo … wishing all Thar She Blows! readers a happy slide into the new year and a prosperous and healthy 2019 filled with unibows and raincorns.

cya on the other side of midnight …

New Year's Eve Fireworks | Thames Riverside | Things to do in London


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