Manjaro: I Couldn’t Resist

My original plan was to rewrite that review about Norsemen that was so rudely deleted by my fubared WordPress editing system. Alas I’m still not feeling like I’m up for it. Maybe later today or so. Anyway, what I did instead was downloading the newest ManjaroLinux snapshot 18.0.1, putting it on a stick and installed it on MiniMe. And that’s exactly the computer I’m now typing this on, so you can see it all werked out fine and I can use my lamest old Lenovo thing as production computer. No problem.

Here’s the story so far:

After the laughably easypeasy installation process you’re greeted by a useless Welcome thingie. Close it and make sure it won’t pop up again at every boot. It’s the switch in the bottom right of the box. I mean, if you really wanted you could visit the Manjaro forums from here but I trust you’ve got Manjaro’s website in your bookmarks anyway, no?
So, Hello Again, this is now the untouched virgin-like Mate desktop on your freshly installed Manjaro. Looks exactly like in Mint and in Namib, right? And don’t let the 4:3 screen ratio fool ya, it’s my oldold LCD screen. Good for office use and blogging, not so cool for watching movies . :/
What we gotta do as first order of business is the first update, which goes remarkably fast since this edition has just been released one or wo days ago and there haven’t been much updates yet.
But then I make use of the Manjaro Settings and install the lastest greatest Linux Kernel, 4.20.0-1. Is it necessary? Of course not but as ArchLinux fraggles WE CAN do that! So why not, eh? It’s all so easypeasy, every housewife can do it without male help.
Linux Kernel 4.20 Released
Orca believes the Kernel 420 is of the utmost importance and should be legalized in all countries around the world!
But then, oy vey, my attempts to install Singularityviewer-alpha and Firestorm from the AUR both fail. 😮 Most probable cause: My own inaptness. :/ Fitshucking crappola! 😦 I’ll need to look into that or find a clever Jean or Trap to help me out with their expertise. Once it werkz it’ll be – as usual – all sorts of brilliant.
In case you haven’t noticed, I switched the background wallpaper to an artificial af tropical beach that could easily be a screenshot from Second Life. And apart from the SL viewers all the rest werkz just fine. I’ve installed my favourite pirate tool, Qbittorrent, without any hiccups and am now blogging away happily on my old but fully functional office warrior.

Okay. let’s talk. Let me clear some things up. I know every time when I review or write about ArchLinux distros you get exposed to some screenshots showing cryptic Terminals with command lines and all that shit. But don’t fear. Under normal circumstances you don’t have to employ the terminal at all, at least not more than you’re doing it in your super cushy Minty environment. It’s just for when  and if you wanna make use of the nifty AUR (Arch User Repository), the only place on the known-to-mankind internetz where you can find and install such niceties as SL viewers with just a – simple – command line and a couple mouseclicks. And Orca does it for installation of more mainstream softwares, like Qbittorrent, too since the terminal is quicker once you know how to use it. Usually, as a fresh n00b, you do all that in Pamac, a GUI interface as simple as you find it in Mint.

So, really now, if you are homely in your Mint install and know you way around, there is no reason not to try some sorta Arch. It feels so good like tickling a super furry soft pussy. =^.^=

A real-time look at my blog just now! 🙂


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