Finally: Manjaro Assholes Released 18.0.1. Mate STABLE Edition. Pheeew …

Even the most neglected stepchild receives some attention every now and then. And so it happened with the Mate flavour of Manjaro. If you’ve read this blog with some intent you’ll remember I was not only angry with the Manjo devs but about the “Preview” version of Mate’s 18.0.1 release. It was really buggy, at least on my test machine it was. And since I give every distro its own hardware, even if I only install it for half a day, Linux distros have it very nice and cozy in Orca’s lab. Obviously I treat them better than the Italian Manjaro crew member did. :/

Was about time, right?

Anyhoo, now it’s out of Preview status but released as an official community release, so in the hope of it being less problematic, I’m downloading it right now and … no, wait. It’s already down and ready for installation. Buuut I won’t do it today. Maybe tomorrow. Dunno. Guys, just half an hour ago I lost a nearly finished Netflix series review, with a lot of photos, due to some weird WordPress editing fukup and am, like, really peed off right now and not really in the mood for carefully installing one of the bestest Linux distributions ever. I hope you will understand my tardiness.

See that? Manjaro Mate is out of development and testing. \o/ YAY! \o/

Friends, honest now (and why would I lie to you?), the reason why I’m still reporting about clunky ArchLinux based distros, despite not really recommending them, is that I know – know kinda exactly, despite lacking feedback – that some of you are out of the n00b phase and ready for something more demanding, something where you can feel like a fokken n00b again. ๐Ÿ™‚

I know Trap could easily work in Manjaro or any other Arch, even in vanilla Arch. Maybe she does right now, dunno. Ok, Trap is thousand times more cleverer than me and right now spends 7/8 of days in total darkness and almost never leaves her igloo anymore, so she’s got a lot of time on her hands to play with Linux. And if you’ve spent more than two weeks in Mint you will be able to install and work in Manjaro or Namib as well, which both feature Mate and Cinnamon flavours and have almost the same or even betterer goodness than Mint. It’s the logical next step! And the new and improved Manjaro installer is a hoot if I remember correctly. So let’s go!



    • Fresh Thinking?
      All that they came up with until now was prettyfying and dumbing down the desktop, thus diminishing our choices. Look at the Gnome3 catastrophe, look at the less functional Plasma5, the wurst KDE until now. My poor stepchild Mate is a monster of functionality compared to most of the fashionable new DEs. It’s a perfect mirror of societal changes where with every generation we get more dumberer and given less choices, a fission among generational divides. Because life is hard enough and nobody got the time for taking care about stuff and making wise decisions … so we leave it to the creators. ๐Ÿ˜ฆ


  1. Hi-ho! I’m not commenting on the above: I’m commenting on the review you did for Norsemen, which was greatly amusing and now has my interest piqued. When I tried clicking into the actual article, though, to like and leave a comment, it said “page not found.” Not sure if this is just on my end, or a universal thing………..? But that’s what happened! Meantime, thanks for the review.

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    • Thx for reading my Norsemen review, Stacey. If you liked it you were lucky since it’s gone now. I was quite satisfied with it myself and was only busy proofreading, adding photos and captions when suddenly the editor refused to move a photo around and instead deleted everything else. ๐Ÿ˜ฎ
      Dunno if that’s a way of Auttomatic to convince us to switch to the Gutenberg editor or just a local server failure here in sunny SA.

      I shall try to rewrite the whole article … later, once I’ve dried my tears.

      BTW, that’s my kinda workflow: I publish something and then do a final round of proofreading, error finding, better ideas having. Often the articles you early birds read are nothing like the finished product.

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  2. I gotcha. I’m fairly surprised that it wasn’t something I did on my end (it often is) and sorry all that work was lost! BOOOOO! God, I hope it’s not a little electronic shove trying to get us to switch…..!!!

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    • Soooo it was you who deleted the internet the other day? Hmm, ya, makes perfect sense now. :/ You just be a bad girl, right?

      And you might be right about the little electronic shove. The stubbornness of Auttomattic, how they insist, against 99.9999% of customers’ wishes, to press this half-wittted new editor into their blog system, borders on insanity.


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