Bored in SL

What to do? Hmmm … hmm … hm … ahaaa! I’m gonna go visit Tipsy Cerulean and have a look  at her fancy hardware store. Or, to be more exact, it’s not her business but of her alt “Bishop” the polar bear. Doesn’t matter much, got some time to kill and always wanted to see how those furries and tinies live.

Quite normal, like the rest of us giants, it turns out:

Tipsy Cerulean and friends’ (alts) place is a normal/giant sized wokshop/garage/warehouse and private living space …

Tealeaf Equipment On Route 11

At Tealeaf Equipment we strive to bring you the best place to stare at construction equipment. Hire an otter in a beehive to drive around your land yelling construction phrases! Grab a bite to eat and come stare at a forklift!

…. but first and foremost a hardware store. Oh jeez, it’s not even a store, she really meant it whe she said we can stare at the equipment. I was even bounced off the driver’s seat when I tried to sit on the caterpillar. 😦

Now you’re asking who tf is this Tipsy??? Oh, only one little otter who mostly lives on the road, in a camper van, with her bestest friend Mr. C. Cow. And she also has a very funny bloggsy. Don’t ask me any more, for I’ve never met Tipsy or exchanged a single word with her or any of her friends, not that I know of. It’s just that she tells us about her imaginary friends in such a lucid way I just had to go and see how they all “live together”. =^.^=

SL without dedicated grafix looks like schiet. 😦

Then back home in my camp, I was contacted by my Linux Gurujin Jean Horten, who, after a brief stint into Win10, became enlightened (was reborn) again and is back on ArchLinux. Mmmm, good girl.

Of course Jean’s got no problem updating her system (gotta have words with frederic2ec about that I guess) and saving snapshots to harddisc. Why does it always have to be me, the one with the problems? :/

Also Craig Ktaba IMed me and we talked for a while until my connection went sour and I was kicked out of SL. 😦 Anyway, no time to waste in SL and on the interwebz at large. Groceries don’t shop themselves do they? So I’ll be gone for a while and switch Gaga off. Mhm, energy saving n stuff. I’m soooo fukn green and sustainable, right. 🙂

Jean sends me another photo and warns me of evil superviillains. 😉

Anyhoo, when I come home a coupla hours later I switch Gaga back on and … nuffink! 😮 The good 24″ Acer LCD screen flickers briefly and then goes dark. 😦 And repair lesbian is still incommunicado somewhere on vacation or has moved to OZtralia or Kiwiland or what do I know. So my formerly proud datacenter right now looks like this …

When it rains it pours!!!




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