Nothing Special

… but really nice to have. 😉

Plastic fantastic 🙂

When the mobo of MiniMax fubared yet again, this time it took both our external hard drives with it by deleting their file systems. 😮 This Toshiba Canvio external HDD was kinda the cheapest platter we could find quickly as a replacement, and is serving us since a couple days as our only external backup/storage system. Actually I drove to the mall, stormed into the PC store, bought that thing and was back home, all inside half an hour. We have already a bunch new movies and TV series on it, and of course all the usual personal small stuff and blogging shit. It’s nice, small and light … and USB powered, so we don’t need a powerbrick with it like we did with our old 3.5″ HDD.

Canvio Basics HDTB4 Packaging

Of course would a SSD be sexier, but with a capacity of 1 TB also very expensive. So this is a good solution and the USB 3.0 speed is really fast enough to play HD video from it without any stutter. And the usage is, as always with USB units, easy peasy plug n play. I don’t even know what file system Toshi is using for the Canvio platters but it handles Linux as fast and easy as Windows.

Conclusion: Good thing.




    • I know you woulda … but I won’t, do I don’t. 🙂 All works adorably well and I can reformat anytime should the need arise.
      BTW, merry xmas and a happy new year n stuff xoxoxo


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