Asia Rocks!

\../. Hey Rockers! .\../

You’ve noticed it as well, have you? Our western pop muzak’s getting wurst and wursterer …

… while in Japan, the Chinas and some more tiger states a whole new irreverant generation of young musicians is coming of age:

Those youngsters respectlessly mix all styles of rock, pop and jazz, and …

… are even able to play the sometimes very complex compositions live. Yes, girls are a huge part of the Asian rock revolution, not just as singers …

… but as virtuous instrumentalists as well.

And here the grandaddy of Japanese Heavy Metal: BabyMetal. And once again they give a fuk for traditionally kitschy mystical dirty western metal when they use teeny girls’ voices and anime style J-pop melodies with really adult high-class musicianship.

Believe it or not, this is LIVE!

Yes, they do!

And here is a special kinda musical subculture:



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