Second Round of Ho! Ho! Ho!

I was sooo desperate and bored I decided to log in world SL. 😮 Around xmas nobody should be forced to play silly virtual world games, dontcha think? Anyhoo, as soon as my avie started to spawn on my land the viewer dinged a couple times and I could rezz more Xmas greeting cards. Look:


Ya, sorry, in Mint my Singu viewer refuses to save snapshots to disk, not without advaned trickery, so I had to do a screenshot. But what you see here are the latest Xmas cards by (f.l.t.r.) Craig Ktaba, Kittensusie and BeeJee Boucher. Mmmm, I love that. Haven’t seen Craig in years and BeeJee is hiding from me since an even longer time; only Kitten I speak to sometimes, but mostly I hear from her through the LCC Sunday cruise announcements. Anyway, here we have their combined creativity for this year. 🙂

That’s almost to much wootness! Thanks very much you guys.



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