Orca’s Top GNU/Linux Distros 2018


That video of Luke Smith inspired me to publish my 2018 Top List as well. Ugh, no, not really. I was planning to do it anyway but was reminded by that video. And instead of a longwinded, overly explanatory list for all sorts of users on all skill levels I’ll keep it nice and short this year too. As I’ve declared often enough already there are three (in words: 3) and three only, facts about Life and Linux:

  1. Cream rises to the top
  2. Linux as a whole has reached a level of evolution and competence that can easily compete with its two bigger competitors MacOS and particularly Windows
  3. There is no absolute best distro

With that in  mind let me just make one distinction, that is the one between stupid noob and medium level user. Can’t tell you anything about the supernerdy geek category since I’ve not reached that level and  am not even planing of ever going there. My online hobbies are Second Life and Blogging, the operating system of my office hardware is merely a means that enables me to do my hobbies in the best possible way.

So here we go with my Top 2 Linux Distros List for 2018:

  1. Linux Mint: Now available in version 19.1, the Minty goodness has reached a level of polish and sophistication that’s really professional. I will recommend this distro for Linux users of all skill levels and ages.New modern Linux Mint logo - Linux Mint Forums
  2. Namib GNU/Linux: An aquired taste for advanced users but once you got the hang of it it’s remarkably easy and unproblematic. And it comes with all the usual pros and cons of ArchLinux.How To Install namib gnu/linux 17.08 - YouTube

Yes, really. These two distros are enough to cover everything you’d ever need. Yes, I know it’s important to find the Desktop Environment that best suits your workflow and taste but Mint, and Namib even more so, comes with a choice of various desktops, so you can try them all out without having to switch to a totally new base system.

So, that’s it already. Now go and install the Minty goodness and report back to me once you’re done. You’ve been mostly a good boi/gurl haven’t you? So you owe yourself this xmas gift. It’s one of those gifts that keeps on giving. 😉


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