Google. Serious?

Google Is Evil – The American Catholic

Hey, latest info about our all most famous internet spy – after the NSA of course – the lately evil Google. It would be pretty funny if it wasn’t so petty and stupid and, yes, straightforward evil. Watch this video and cringe with Bryan and Orca …

Sorry, I can’t show you the fabled counterfeit Viagra dispenser since I don’t use Google in any way, shape or form to search stuffz on the interwebz.

Search for Lunduke on any search engine shows you the correct website, only Google deviates from everything right and correct.

Sometimes I wonder how such big and mega rich multiconglomerate corporations like Google can act so petty and childish like schoolyard bullies. Don’t they have no shame, no style, no grace, no honour?

Pharmacist fights for license after counterfeit Viagra found in ...


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