A Very Very Short “Top” List

Among all the other Linux YouTubers’ and bloggers’ Top 10 Lists for 2018, Luke Smith stands out like a sour thumb. He’s shrunken down his choice of favourite distros to just … one! 😮

“Ridiculous” you say? But listen to reason:

To make it short: For Luke, as well as for Orca, it’s ArchLinux. Hey, neither he nor me claim it’s the absolutely bestest n00b friendly distro, just simply the best, period. Once you have a modicum of knowledge you’ll find out that Arch is indeed less problematic than all those Debian and Ubuntu distros since everything is clearly and easily done and doesn’t need as many workarounds and tricks and overengineered problem solutions nobody’s asked for. And, another hey here, if I say less problematic I don’t mean it in the sense of the SJW vocabulary but talking about real, about technical problems. =^.^=

Luke is even much more radical than Orcsipoopsie in his approach, he installed pure vanilla Arch were Orca is always on some distro variant of ArchLinux, from Manjaro via Antergos and now Namib GNU/Linux. If you’re feeling up to playing an adult I recommend using one of those instead of the real thing.

Ok, back to you n00bs now: Your course and your good resolutions for your personal 2019 project should be clear by now, no? Go get a fukn Linux Mint 19.1, install it on some hardware you found for cheap at the Goodwill or thrift store or up in your granny’s attic. It’s easy, fast and fun to do. Once you’re online with your new Linux machine first thing you do is making it pretty and unmistakingly yours, then surfing to Thar She Blows! and send us a screenshot of your new system. Fun eh?


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