The World Sailing Show – Jan 2019

Mmmmm winter. 😉 Our best-loved season of the year, when we huddle around our igloo’s fireplace and dream of upcoming sailing adventures, visit the boating trade shows and watch a lot of past stuff on YouTube. A good gateway drug into this sport – if you wanna call standing in an ice-cold shower, ripping 1000$ notes apart a sport at all – is the monthly World Sailing Show.

This months’ festive topics are:

00:44 Meet the Mule – American Magic’s trial horse

08:09 Extreme Sailing Series Mexican finale

12:14 Crash & Burn in the Route du Rhum

20:38 Olympic sailing heads offshore

19:31 Southern Ocean rescue

An Italian cat, an American mule and a British pocket rocket are breaking new territory in the quest to create an extraordinary new generation of machines for the 36th America’s Cup. The boat busting start to the Route du Rhum was only the beginning of a fascinating race across the Atlantic. The Extreme Sailing Series fleet took the results down the wire in Mexico plus, we hear from an Olympic medallist and former Volvo Ocean Race winner about what lies in store when the Olympic Games head offshore. Plus, Susie Goodall’s dramatic Southern Ocean rescue.


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