Good Advice?

Some people seem to think this is good advice:

Jon Morrow can kiss my flat @$$!

Oooh, my traffic will suffer, my clicks will stop, nobody’s gonna view my sensationally cheesy content. 😮 It’ll all be wasted. 😦

Oh no emotional reaction of young woman in pop art comics style ...


I guess this guy blogs mostly for commercial bloggers with critical daily content of selling shit of one or the other sort. I, on the other hand, am blogging … for myself first and foremost, as you know but also for the handful of wonderful co-residents of Second Life, members of the Second Life Sailing Community, Linux fraggles and other naturally lonely people. And isn’t it, like, totally insignificant how many peeps are actually consuming this blogthingy, as long as the few lost loners find something and don’t feel lonely and abandoned in these hard times? Because Orca thinks of you. 😉

Xmas tree in Calas Galadhon, Second Life

And let’s not just assume the xmas and new years hols are just wonderful for everybody. I know they aren’t, having heard of New Years parties inworld SL ffs! I mean it can’t be more desperate and lonely than that, no? So isn’t it cool for all the lonely souls out there if they can find a very little temporary ersatz home on the interwebz? Some distraction for a minute or two? Heyyy, no fear, I’m not gonna tell you whiney xmas stories or produce any other feely touchy xmas content but I will treat this xmas eve day like any other day.

Xmas in steampunky Second Life. Isn’t that the brat Loki Elliot I spy there? 

At least for a while. Of course I’ll go out later and get tons of sushi (our traditional xmas meal) for hubs and me, and later in the afternoon we’ll eat all that shit and consume some Hollywood movies. So Thar She Blows! won’t blow for a couple hours and … oh, that is indeed exactly like every other day, isn’t it?

Do You Like My Decorations? - YouTube
Ho! Ho! Hoes everywhere! 😮

Tomorrow, the day all you Anglophiles celebrate as xmas day, we Gerries are already done with it, playing with our new toys, eating the leftovers of tonight’s festive sushi meal, and blogging shall continue in the typical erratic manner. Means sometimes I write something, sometimes I don’t, sometimes up to 8 posts a day, sometimes nothing at all for 2 days. Meh.

Anyhoo, have a nice old Christmas Eve y’all!

Laterz xoxox






PS: Ouchy, almost forgot my traditional xmassy video for y’all:

Yeah, same as every year. =^.^=


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