All is Gud Now! :)

Actually can’t be betterer.


Only took some empathetic and subtle hintage from frederic2ec to screw my noggin right on and now you can see, on the left side MiniMe with a freshly installed but perfectly updated Namib GNU/Linux 18.8, and on the right side the also fresh Gaga on Mint 19.1. Hmm, since I know the trick now I could install Namib on her as well. Buuuut I won’t do that. See, after I went sleeping on the sofa, hubby spent some serious time on that machine and made everything nice and perfect. It’s cool to have such a good husbando dontcha all think? And I guess he would be majorly peed off if I kill his efforts already after such a short time.

So, anyway, Mint is a super gud, almost perfect Linux. Much more betterer than its mothership, Ubuntu. That’s why I always recommend it as daily rider for everybody, from total blind n00b to old salts alike. I could do worse than with the new Minty on my recent production machine. It’s very stable and won’t give me any problems until I get MiniMax back.


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