All is Different Now. :o

Haha, something really stupid happened to me today. Right after I said goodbye to LMDE and backupped all my data, I started to install Namib GNU/Linux 18.08 on the superbly prepared Gaga. Alas it didn’t work out. :/ Well, the installation was a breeze but then the system never finished the initial update. I could do whatever I wanted, all the geeky tricks and command line commands, nothing worked. I tried that shit at least 3 or 4 times but gave up when it slowly got dark outside and we wanted to start media consumption. So I installed the brand new Linux Mint 19.1 in Mate flavour. :/

Ya, boring, I know. But it works!

See that icon TOSHIBA EXT on the left side of the screen? Got out while the installation was in process and bought a new external hard drive for the backup. Also just starting Singu viewer. Everything seems to werk fine.
But then I can’t save snapshots from inworld to hard drive. 😮 All I could do was this screenshot. :/ Hmm, very strange. I wanna see everything working perfectly and unbitching just for once in my life. Can I have that please? Meanwile we have some light snacks available for the hungry traveler. 😉

Ja, ok, it’s ok now … but what now? I’m bored with the Minty Goodness. It’s too good. 🙂 And I was so happy at first when I got rid of LMDE and on my way back to Namib, particularly since I knew exactly why I went away from Manjaro:

… because Namib is – contrary to Manjaro – 100% compatible with ArchLinux. Gives me a warm and fuzzy feeling when I read stuff like that … until the whole dream castle crumbles and breaks down on me. 😦

So now I’ve really gotta investigate. I wanna have my Namib … and I want it nao!!! Dammit! Dammit …



    • Merci Beaucoup for asking, Fred. Well, the update goes on and on up to the very end and then I get a message that something was wrong and no packages were updated. I didn’t make a note of what exactly the error was. I tried to re-install the archlinux-keyring and namib-keyring but that didn’t help neither.

      Now I have freshly installed Mint 19.1 on this machine so I won’t delete it and reinstall Namib. But I’ll do it on another machine and maybe will have the same problems there too.


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