Why I Went Away …

… from Manjaro. The answer is right here:

See it?

Hey peeps, welcome to Orcsi’s little GNU/Linux show, and to the not-so-nice aspects of even the biggest and most famoustest distributions: The Manjaro 18.0 snapshot is out now since quite a little while … in its flagship Xfce, and also Gnome3, KDE and Cinnamon flavours. Heck, even those clownish sideshows of i3, Openbox and Awesome window managers have been officially released. Mostly only the developer editions and the sad stepchild Mate are still in Preview state. 😦

Is that a way to treat one of the most beloved desktops in the Linux world? And, make no mistake, there is a quality difference between the official release and a mere preview. So is it a wonder I turned my back on my formerly absolute favourite distro and went with a totally obscure newcomer called Namib GNU/Linux? frederic2ec of Namib treats Mate as one of his most favourite desktops and gives it the same attention and careful implementation as all the other flavours receive from him. Plus I’ve a feeling it runs more stable and faster on Namib than it ever did on Manjaro.

I know I wrote about exactly this state of Linux affairs already more than once and it’s boring for you guys, no? Reason why I’m bringing it up again today is a personal  one: On one side the Linux Mint LMDE version on Gaga – my recent main computer – acts a bit stupid lately. Dunno if I’m overburdening little Gaga with the non-stop power usage or if there are indeed problems in Mint’s Debian department. Yeah I have a hunch they are treating Debian in the same dismissive way as Manjaro treats the Mate desktop. Didn’t like the fact they only released LMDE in Cinnamon flavour and am even less impressed with the new gaggle of inconsistencies and little problems.

Don’t get me wrong, even though I’m not a fan of Cinnamon, it’s one of the better desktops and I have no problems working in this environment. The problems lie elsewhere and are hard to describe.

Anyhoo, computer repair lesbian obviously went on vacation without telling me, so it will be a while before I see my good MiniMax machine back and I’m not willing to spend some more weeks on this setup. So … I’ll kill Gaga now and put a nifty Namib/Mate on it!

Yeah, guess that’s what I’m gonna do. First backup all the new files, then do the switcheroo.

Cya laterz xoxoxox


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