Houseless Not Homeless

Namaste, Brothers and Sisters.

I’ve found a new use for my humble roadside parcel …


A campground. Whoa, Trap already said this ain’t neither creative nor new. :/ Well, she’s right about that, isn’t she? Remember when we had the whole landmass of Triumphal turned into a campground for all our members?
All I really wanted was to show off my brand new Birch trees. 

Yeah, I’m doing the same now, only for me, my altsisters and the occasional tired nomad. Because let’s not forget Triumphal and TrYC is far off any established road network and only accessible via floating vessels or, if you’re so lame, via TP.

Orca’s location.

This here’s gonna be a regular rest stop with designated parking area and a small rez spot. Gimme some days to finagle some more beautyfullyness and functionality into the new setup, I’ll let you know once I’m open for business.


I guess this demands some serious terraforming to be done, maybe even asphalting, to make the parcel more accessible for road vehicles. Shame really, since I’d like to keep a natural approach but my parcel on the foothills of northern Nautilus’ mountain range is naturally sloped and needs some serious help before it can be a real RV park. :/


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