Ghost of Hanne Past :)

No, really, quite a blast from the past I stumbled about today …


Hannelore Ballinger, who quit SL years ago (as we all thought) shortly after the death of her dad, was obviously online as recently as the 25th of October 2018! Why didn’t she say Hi! or sumfink? As some of my older readers might remember, Hanni was one of the most enthusiastic TrYC officers ever, particularly busying herself with the TrYC Racing Academy for new racers, and parties and planning good stuff all the time. We really miss her and her bubbly powerhouse character and her steady supply of good ideas quite a lot after she left so suddenly.

So it was quite a shock to see her last login was just two months ago. 😮

Hanni, you stupid cow, say Hoo! or say Hi!, send a comment to the blog or IM me, Lucy or Trap inworld. We love you and worry about your wellbeing and your whereabouts.

Hanne getting ready to race at our sister club TYC’s regatta. This was years and years ago.

Any of you, dear readers, know anything about what became of Hanni and why she was back and what she was doing in SL in October? Pleez, lemme no!!!



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