Linux Mint 19.1 Released

Heyas Bois, Squirrels, Apache Helicopters and others,

just a short reminder that Mint 19.1 is out of Beta and was just officially released … I guess yesterday or so. As usual our friend Tom made a video about it. And not just any old videoh but it was a live event and also a good piece longer than his usual vids:

I’m not to sure about this latest release. You know I’m usually a big fangurl of the Minty goodness but the latest version of the Cinnamon desktop is not to my liking entirely. Fortunately you can switch some stuffz back from modern to traditional but then I’m asking myself why do they make me jump thru hoops? I know modern is better supposedly but is it really? So for now I wouldn’t update from the last Mint to 19.1. At least not when you on Cinnamon.

Naaaw, not talking about this. :/

Mate doesn’t do all the new fangled shit but sticks to its well-known usage paradigm and layout, so no problem updating when you’re on that adorable granny desktop. Well, I’m just talking outta my ass here, haven’t tried anything myself yet. MiniMe is still in service, I guess Repair lesbian is on vacation or whatever so it might take a while longer until I can reunite with my best komputah. And until then I won’t change anything in my recent productivity setup. I hope you can understand that. Also it’s almost xmas now and I have some RL shit to do as well as everybody else.

Another new – for me – YT channel also made a “rambly” video about the 19.1 release:

Second item on the Linuxy schedule today:

SparkyI told you how great Sparky Linux is, right?

Well, turns out no, it isn’t. :/ They did what I hate most with many Linux distributions, particularly with Ubuntu: They morphed into something different. What I loved most about the Debian Testing distro Sparky was its simplicity and that it came with Mate desktop. And now it doesn’t! 😮 They changed it to the LXQt desktop for the 64-bit version and LSLE for 32-bit. That’s good and fine and probably ultra spanky and fast but is wayyyy to primitive and clunky to use for us ladies, no? If you don’t share such feeble sensitivities with Orca, please go on and knock yourself out. Sparky is sure cool.

So forget – or forget not – about my recommendation and stick with either MX or LMDE if you wanna go the Debian route.

Laterz xoxoxo


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