IG’s Top 5 of 2018

Linux distros that is. And if you care to remember how stupid I found Tom’s Top 5 Linux compilation’s timing of last year you’ll be happy to hear Infinetely Galactic did it right. He presents his Top 5 List at the end of December. Cool when ppl know how to interprete the calendar, isn’t it? But then … oh my. :/

But watch it first and talk about it below:

Noticed how IG carefully avoided any of Orca’s favourites? How dare he? Into the specifics now:

Honorable Mention 1 – KDE Neon: I can’t say nuffink about KDE but hubby wasn’t impressed by it.

Honorable Mention 2Linux Mint 19: Why so far  down? It’s hands down the bestest Linux out there, Period. Not my personal best, my dance card is already gone to something else. But it’s generally THE BESTEST!!!

#5Deepin: Typical youngster opinion. Looks fancy, shit must be good. :/ And it’s from China for us bonafide commie rebels. Seriously?

#4Pop OS: Ubuntu Clone on Gnome3. Okay if you love to operate your computer soleley by keyboard, utter shit for real people.

#3Elementary OS: Shitty distro that failed hard in Orca’s various tests. And it failed every fukn time! 😮

#2Fedora29: More negatives than positives plus the good feeling you’re being abused as crash test dummy for Red Hat RHEL.

#1Solus: The little independant distro that could. I remember I kinda liked it but dismissed it as my daily rider. Ikey was pushing it hard but Ikey’s gone now* so I don’t even know if Solus has any kind of future.

Need I point out that I wasn’t very impressed with Milkface’s choices? And he knew that! LOL, before he started his countdown IG made a kinda disclaimer by saying these are his personal best distros for 2018. Not yours, not mine, not anybody else’s. And that point, bois, squirrels, apache helicopters and others, is very super duper important when we talk about Linux. Everybody’s tastes and workflows are different (except mine LOL) so you won’t see the exact same top faves list from two different Linux users. For making that observation and pointing it out, I could just cuddle IG and squirt all over him, eventhough he’s so absolutely not my type. 🙂 But I won’t do it anyway, since OZ is far away and his wifey probably won’t like strange wimmin squirting all over her pretty husbando.

Orca’s bestest of the year list will be published sometime in the next couple days … maybe today, more probably tomorrow or the day after. Or in early January. But I’ll compile a list, even tho mine is pretty short, forseeable and boring. But mine will include the big uns, some Arch and Debian distros, Linux for adults so to say.

Hey guys (guys includes girls, you know that, eh?), as always I ask you to post your personal Top List in the comments below this post. The very few untouchables non-Linuxers here can do other Top 5 or Top 10 lists. If needs be even Top 7 or Top 6 if you’re a sicko. Or your personal best Top 69, you perv. Top Pop Songs, Top Books, Top Computers, Top Smartphones, Top SL Bloggers, Top Bloggers overall, Top YT Channels, Top SL Viewers … let your fellow blog readers hear read it!

Orca has her very own favourite GNU/Linux distro.

*: I hear Ikey’s found a GF. 😮 What? How utterly shocking! 😮 Geeks are usually of the incel variety and no GF material, so good on her for catching such a rare example. And how demanding she seems to be for not allowing him to spend all his time compiling some Linuxy shit. Well, maybe wimmin are equally rare on his lonely Scottish island, so he must heed to her every whim. 🙂


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