Am I Really Bad People Now?

Sonequa Martin-Green in Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

Hubby seems to think so, and I guess the whole Star Trek community, and every person on earth. Because I dare to believe that …


Star Trek: Discovery is great. 😮

Is that still Star Trek?

Okay, disclaimer: I was never a huge fan of any Star Trek show, not the first, the original, not TNG, not Janeway, not Sisko or anything. Particularly I hate the anaemic ST movie snorefests. But what I thoroughly enjoyed were the new movies by JJ Abrams. And they already broke with ST’s typical bright but cheapo, kinda soapie, TV style and lifted the franchise into something more cinematic.

Sonequa Martin-Green in Star Trek: Discovery (2017)
Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green ) is our unlikeable protagonist. I can live with that. Can you?

I just downloaded and started to watch Disco a couple days ago and have only watched 3 or 4 episodes yet. According to the interwebz this series is super bad and harmful to watch. So all the fandom says and so hubby says as well. Well, fuk ’em and him in particular. *Tantrum: I’m an adult, I can download and watch whatever I wanna!!!

Michelle Yeoh and Sonequa Martin-Green in Star Trek: Discovery (2017)
Captain Phillippa Georgiou (Michelle Yeoh) was dieded pretty early on. Obviously the only real movie star among the cast, was she maybe too expensive?

Wanna know why I think Disco is the bestest ST yet, and not the wurst? Because it does all the things real trekkies don’t like! It’s fast paced, it’s dark, it’s negative, it’s not shiny-eyed and worst of all: It’s centered entirely on one single person: Michael Burnham (Sonequa Martin-Green ), an ambitious human star fleet officer, grown up and educated on Vulcan. See it already, the imminent conflict of this character, the problem with her as our main protagonist? The draw of both, her purely logical Vulcan education and her emotional human nature? Most people hate her for that and dismiss her as a good narrator. I find such corrupted characters fascinating. 😉

Burnham and her Vulcan mentor, Sarek (James Frain).

What I also like is the way Disco was produced and made. It’s purely made for TV and will probably never even get a 3rd season but the imagery looks rather cinematic with lots of CGI and interesting visuals.

Mary Wiseman in Star Trek: Discovery (2017)
Burnham’s even more awkward roomie Sylvia Tilly (Mary Wiseman ).

What else? Oh yes, the Klingons, the fukn Klingons. Yeah they are totally wrong conceptualized, from weird looks that totally differ from how we know them from other ST shows, to the way they are portrayed in Disco. We get to see internal power struggles and intrigues inside the Klingon leadership. I didn’t like that any better than everyone else. Klingons are supposed to be either faceless enemies (cue German WW2 soldiers) or they are cuddly mascots like Lt. Worf.  Watching them for a longer period, interacting with each other, getting to know their motivations and strategies, that’s usually not on everyone’s menu. Particularly not if it all happens in subtitled Klingon language. :/ Stuff like that kicks me out of the show and I notice how my mind starts to wander. That couldn’t have been the producers’ intention.

Jason Isaacs and Doug Jones in Star Trek: Discovery (2017)
Captain Gabriel Lorca (Jason Isaacs) and First Officer Saru (Doug Jones), are in Michael Burnham’s inner circle. I like the way they interact with their “protegé”.

Apart from that I’m, like, very pleased with what I see here. The series follows a tight narrative of Michael Burnham’s fails and achievements. That may not be true to ST lore and style but is kinda so much more engaging. At least for me it is. And that’s why everybody hates me. :/

Doug Jones, Sonequa Martin-Green, Emily Coutts, Sara Mitich, and Oyin Oladejo in Star Trek: Discovery (2017)

Question? Have you watchered Star Trek: Discovery? Why did you hate it so much? Answers, as always, down below in the discussion arena …

Chris Obi in Star Trek: Discovery (2017)
That sposed to be a Klingon? Yes, if you hire SJW make-up artists who are doing their best. Because who believes in meritocracy anymore? Come on, she really tried. 😉



    • Thanks for blowing the first punches, Lez. Now let’s see who else dares getting in the ring. I, for my part, agree wholeheartedly with you, the first of the new Abrams, Pine, Quinto movies was fresh, the others a little less but still a thousand times better than all the old ones, which looked like extended TV episodes. Ok, I really, really liked Sofia Boutella in the last one.
      And maybe I’ve gotta refrain from my Disco POV, as the series seems to become worser now. :/

      But now it seems Star Trek is going to share Star Wars’ fate of going down in flames. Or not?


      • I forgot to mention that all this is babyshit. Unsanitary poo compared to * THE ORVILLE *. A Star Trek klone series with a minimum of SJW influences which is just harmless fun to watch and doesn’t take itself too seriously.


      • Lets see what Tarantino does with it. Quite frankly, I think his style is incompatible with Trek. Whats he going to do with it? Make an old timey story like pulp fiction from the 40’s and 30’s? Tarantino makes excellent films but they are nothing like Trek………
        I can see it now….Ohura wielding a sword as in Kill Bill and Kirk trying to be Samuel Jackson. Spock might be a good Travolta though. John was sort of calm in Pulp Fiction. I don’t have much hope for a Tarantino directed Trek.

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        • Tarantino is a walking talking film lexicon. He would know exactly what made Trek so appealing for trekkies in the first place and I guess he could easily repeat the same style. Question is: Will he sacrifice his very own style for Trek or do his own thing which is then up for scrutiny and must stand on its own feet, earning its own laurels?


  1. Where are the folks who hate you for this? ‘Cause I think many Americans are on your side. It’s a BIG hit here. And my spouse and I pretty much loved it–ESPECIALLY Lorca. I like the Michael Burnham *character* but I think the Walking Dead lady was miscast. She’s a little too wooden for me and unconvincing.

    Hubby actually mentioned the Taranatino thing just yesterday! No, no, no, no, no, NO NO NO! Please, God, noooooo!

    Liked by 1 person

    • “Where are the folks who hate you for this?”
      According to the butchery going on in YouTube land I thought everybody would hate me for actually liking the shit.

      “I think the Walking Dead lady was miscast.”
      I stopped watching that shitshow long before she entered the cast.

      “She’s a little too wooden for me and unconvincing.”
      Ya, not a good actress at all. BUT I thought her typical expression – somewhere between confuzzlement and amused curiosity would make her the perfect Vulkan-influenced character. And boy was I wrong, just a bad, wooden, actress afteralll.

      And what a bad decision to anchor the whole series on her. ST has always been an ensemble piece, with Kirk, Spock and Bones sticking out a bit. But the total focus on the Michael Burnham character was more than questionable. But let’s not forget the whole series was made by SJWs. And they really tried hard and gave their best. So let’s not judge the product but what these poor people put into it! 😉

      “No, no, no, no, no, NO NO NO! Please, God, noooooo!”
      Pulling the Steve Carrell here?


  2. You’re very wise. I kept watching Walking Dead until the guy with the dreads and the CGI tiger showed up. But I never saw another episode after that.

    And, yes, it IS like Steve C. Thanks for clip. Perfect! lol !!!!

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  3. I’m a huge ginormous mega Trekkie ever since the Next Generation came out (not much of a Trek fan for the original). I ,em>love the JJ Abrams movies! The whole entire alternate timeline thing is fascinating. I have seen Orville a few times and it looks pretty cool, just fun! And I’ve never seen Discovery at all, not a single episode, simply because it’s a subscription now, and I’m not gonna add yet another paid subscription service now that I’ve “cut the cable” and stuff. I like the concept I guess, but the uniforms?!? No freakin’ way. That reflective silver crap on bright blue? Yuck.

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