Mail from the Lindens

Oh, they thought about me and my secret wishes for useless shit. How nice of ’em. 🙂 If you’re a Premium member you obviously received the same email but I’ll post it here, since it doesn’t happen too often and is almost always connected to getting you signed up to SL. In so  far I love LL for their reluctancy to spam us with thousands of spam mails as many other companies would doubtlessly do.

Still there’s the nature of the advertised events that irks me. Look here so …

Ugh, do we really need an invention to a Shopping Event?

Honestly, I feel insulted now. Do they think we collectively fall into  a state of being of Hallmark movie characters and are on the same (very very low) intelligence level? Let me make this abundantly clear: Shopping ain’t an event to be celebrated!

That adorkable Snowball Fight happens each and every year since the dawn of time. Oh, they changed the location from Icey Bay to some off-grid lonely place. :/ And wasn’t this originally a fight Resis vs Lindens, and now we’re supposed to bring our own friends? Boo!!!

Remember when, with big ballyhoo, the Lindens invited us to barrage them with snowballs on one of the ice floes in Icey bay? Yeah, that was the good old days. But what is this now? Instead of having the event in the middle of SL’s biggest and oldest continent, Sansara, we’re now sent to an unconnected Portal sim. Probably looks nice for the many blogs of aforementioned Hallmark characters. And that’s all that counts these days, innit? This ain’t for tinies, zombies or dinosaurs, all just for shiny happy people in shiny happy fugly xmas sweaters. Just like the wonderpretty bento avies this is all an imitation of life … a totally unrealistic life as it only happens in stupid xmas moovies. And same as these movies are only for a certain demographic of useless dummies, so are these LL events.

Sorry to rain on anyone’s xmas parade but I’m not going. :/



    • Didn’t get it sweetie? Whoa! I even thought it’s common, not just for us elite Premium upper class citizens, us selected few, but for the unwashed masses of “free” players as well to receive love letters by The Lab. Obviously I was wronk. 😮 But why then are they always asking us to join? Makes no sense, right? I mean, how are we supposed to join the Snowball Fight, let alone knowing about it, with no account, no means to log in world?

      So again I’m providing a much needed public service by relaying those mails to my readers. 😉

      \o/ YAY me! \o/

      PS: Maybe there is some function in your SL account page to activate the mailman? Check it.


    • Yeah, as I adviced in my first answer: “PS: Maybe there is some function in your SL account page to activate the mailman? Check it.”
      As a co-blogger on Thar She Blows! you should also be always well-informed so you can compose witty and competent posts, Sammie. Yeah, I know we give no fuks about the Lab and the Lindens but it’s our journalistic duty to supply our readers with at least a bare minimum of labby shit, innit?

      Just imagine, Inara, Daniel and Berry are tragically being killed in a tragic rollercoaster accident in Happy Hippo Amusement Park. All 3 at the same time!!! Then the onus is on us, honey, on Trap, on Lucy, on you and on me to fill the sudden empty gap and relay all the important infos to the people and tinies and toons of the grid. Because, come to think of it, apart from garbage tier Thar She Blows! blog the whole SL blogosphere consists soleley of virtual dress-up dolls. SL needs us! So subscribe to the SL mailservice and be at least partially informed and brainwashed. =^.^=


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