Linux Deepin: DON’T USE!!!

Aaaaaw Linux, the last bastion of civil rights, privacy and self-determination as a free human being! 🙂 So far all attempts by big money and commercial interests have been fought off, more or less. But now the rather beloved Deepin distro comes up with a EULA all of its own. Huh? A EULA? In Linux? WTF???


As you know fat cat Orca is far too lazy to deeply research and inquire about the subject herself, she has her people doing such menial stuff. =^.^=

But hear me out please: I don’t need to know any details, I don’t need to know that Deepin is a Chinese distro, I don’t need to know shit! During install you have to agree to a EULA, like in Win or MacOS or Android or whatever. And as free-spirited Xers we don’t do that! We just don’t.

DeepinLogoApart from that is the Deepin desktop not to my taste, and the distro is based off of Ubuntu afaik. So this shit won’t be used on any of my machines. Not on my watch!

And hey, you know how much I admire and adore the Chinese, their ways to adapt to and adopt new technologies and build the coolest must-have stuffs. If you look where all the fancy mini PCs come from, it’s yes, Shengzen, right cross the border from Hong Kong. However, we don’t like the controlling nature of their software products, do we?


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