Why MX When You Can Have Sparky?

Sorry guys, another Linux story coming up. Hey, not even a story, not a distro review either but an opinion piece, a … rant? Dunno. No, I guess not a rant but a commentary. Ya, a commentary by your editreuse herself. LOL, of course.

MX-LogoRemember my kinda negative conclusion of MX-18? But yet we have to acknowledge that all MX versions since years got a steadily growing user base and are, like, crowd pleasers if there is something like that in the Linuxverse at all. People really seem to like that weirdly disconfigured Xfce environment. Of course it’s lightweight for when you are on a really crappy computer. But it lacks so much cool stuff. But anyhoo, it is a very good distro.

MX-18 on #3, Sparky on #28. Why?

What you surely cannot remember is my test of Sparky Linux, right? A distro I kinda liked very much back in August 2017 … and then immediately forgot about it. Why? Prolly because, with my Arch biased mindset I wasn’t interested in Debian-based distros anyway. But now let’s also see evidence in DistroWatch: MX-18 on spot #3, which is top of the pops, while Sparky is among the meh-distros on #28.

But how come that a distro I really really liked, like really, is so far behind a hyped-up fashion distro such as MX-Linux? Ok, of course is Orca’s taste in stuff exclusively her own and not necessarily shared by the stupid masses (LOL) but also I’ve heard there is a lot of super-duper helpful and chic shit in MX that seems to be missing from Sparky. I can’t give you any examples right away, since for me it’s all needless shit in the first place, just stuff that bloats the system. Of course the rather anaemic Sparky is more  my taste. Particularly since they have a variety of desktop environments on offer, among them my beloved Mate. This takes a lot of awkwardness out of a new system and made me feel at home right away. Yes, even more homely than in Mint’s Debian Edition, on which I’m working right now since MiniMax is in repair.

SparkyAnyway, if I was making the tophits chart for DistroWatch, my list would be exactly the other way round: Sparky on #3, MX on #28. Again, both distros are Debians and as those they are, like, super duper. Only one of them is loud and brash while the other is quiet and humble and just a super stable workhorse. And I love it much better. In fact I was already thinking about putting it on Gaga now and use it as daily rider. But then again is Gaga my main machine right now and I can’t risk fuking her up while MiniMax in in hospital. But, hmm, why not making a long-term test on Gaga once my machine park is complete again? It might make me change my mind and recommend Sparky instead of Mint as the nifty allround distro for young and old. =^.^=


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