Nice Linux PC for 175 Woolong

LivaZ2Overclock\o/ Heyas Linux convertees and playkiddos. \o/

You know your editrix has a fetish. But nothing bad or pervert. I’m not a latex wearing unicorn fukka in RL, no fear, just loving miniscule computers. And here we have the next one, as presented to you by Lon Sykes. Look at that. 🙂

As always he does a little Linux test towards the end of his review … and it’s running nicely on Ubuntu. So, hey, wouldn’t that be a nice machine to throw your firstest Manjaro Mint on and experience all the goodness? And experience it on a dedicated brand new piece of machinery?

Yeah I think so too. And if you don’t fancy Linux, the Liva Z2 Fanless Mini PC will always make a cool home theater PC, no matter on which OS.

Liva Z2
Boring like all the others but good.

Yes, of course you’ll get something better and far far cheaper from your local thrift store or Craig’s List or Gummybeartree but it won’t be new and won’t be under warrantee. The choice is yours and I can’t care less. As long as you get a Linux distro successfully running on any of your equipment I am a fukn happy hippo. 🙂

So make me happy and send me your success stories. And don’t forget rule #1: Photos or it didn’t happen!


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