Trap, Hjelp Me Pleez!!! :/

ArchLinux expert Orca is in fact more ignorant housewife than a useful Linux expert. Can’t even help herself, dummes ding. 😦 Trapsy tellered me to just delete some stuffs from Singularityviewer’s lib64 folder …

The only reason Singularity doesn’t work on newer arches is that it comes with its own libraries, if you delete the libfreetype libs in the lib64 folder of singualrity, it will start.

Yeah, sounds logical and simple. Guess I’ve even done so in the past but … maybe Trap was correct when she called me an idiot. Look how I failed …


Neither in GUI nor in Terminal am I able to remove or delete the three libfreetype files. I know this is a very simple file operation … once you know how to … which I obviously don’t. 😮 Somehow I never get any option to delete anything, prolly not the right permission for doing so. On my own fukn computer. On my own self-installed – and so far unfucked – operating system.

So there goes my credibility right out the window. 😦

But not only mine I guess. What’s up with whoever person put Singu in the AUR? Never tried to run it yourself? This is sloppy implementation, innit? Oh, and now I remember I’ve run into the same problem when trying to install Singu from the website. So can I blame the Singu Linux maintainer?

Ok, just to clarify: This isn’t a Manjaro thing! It’s the same problem with all ArchLinux distros I’ve tested so far, yes, even in my recent favourite, the lovely Namib GNU/Linux. And I’ve made me some notes about what to do n stuff. Only those notes are on my external HDD, which is at the repair lesbian’s place right now. Oh my, the whole world is plotting a terribly brutal and dark intrigue against me.

Still I can help myself working around most restrictions by just using the champion of the masses, the famous Firestorm viewer. Hey, that thing worx on ArchLinux like it was tailor made specifically for that special kinda Linux. Look:

Cold and dark winter afternoon is just right to show off my LL Premium Giftie, the Winter Cabin (18 prims, 100 LI). Oh, me? Yes, of course I’m wearing a bikini, what were you thinking? I’m a stunt avie. And this is SL ffs!
Like most premium gifts this is a halfways decent build, with On/Off-switchable window shades, fireplace and snow detail, a bedroom/office above and security stuffz.



  1. I did a:
    cd /opt/singularityviewer/lib64/

    Then I deleted the libfreetype files:
    sudo rm*

    And the libharfbuzz files:
    sudo rm*

    Not sure why I had to delete the harfbuzz files too when I tried with an installed singularity (as opposed to one i just downloaded myself), but there you go.

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