ArchLinux is Beautiful!

I did a:
cd /opt/singularityviewer/lib64/

Then I deleted the libfreetype files:
sudo rm*

And the libharfbuzz files:
sudo rm*

Not sure why I had to delete the harfbuzz files too when I tried with an installed singularity (as opposed to one i just downloaded myself), but there you go.

After Træpsy had set my head straight, I did this …

Of course it would’ve been easier had I used the * right away to delete all 3 libfreetype files in one go. :/ But I did better with the harfbuzz stuff. Don’t say Orca can’t learn anything.
Then the fun could start …
… and here I am at my Airship port. Everything is wonderful now!

Hah, learned at least 2 new tricks today. Question is how long they’ll stick to the memory modules in my pretty noggin. Uh oh. :/


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