New Dancing Shoes for Oubaas?

Tried something today. Wanna see?

This is Oubaas at a local wheels dealership. We don’t like the silly racing tyres, they look like skateboard wheels on our van. Wanna have something more beefy. This is a van afterall, not a race car!
So they tell me they wanny try a 65 profile instead of the superflat 45 we’re sporting now. Free of charge of course! So there goes tyre number one …
… and ram bam thank you mam, we have an adult wheel for grown up vans. Fills out the wheelhouse and looking good, no?
Now they are trying to squeeze in one of the fat tyres in the rear left position, which looks problematic. The chassis is aligned but the body is crunched on the left side so it looks like there isn’t enough space to fit one of the fat tyres. :/
And indeed, they can’t even mount the wheel onto the hub. 😮
Crap! 😦 And it could’ve been so nice. :.(
But the one in front fits perfectly, soft and comfy … and looks like OEM equipment.
Look at that! Such a nice Vangelina! 17/225/60: Perfect proportions, so sexayyy. =^.^= But grrr, they have to take the two new tyres off again and send me on my not-so-merry way.

Ok, now … not all is lost. First we must sort out the paperwork, find a corrupt roadworthy tester, and get the vehicle registered. Aaaand then we can start with the real restoration, which means panelbeating, aligning the body, welding, derusting, spraypainting. And then we can worry about new tyres … if we still have money left at that time. :/


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