Manjaro Love Me Again! \o/

And I love Manjaro. But first and foremost I love the genius computer geek Trap, because she was a … genius! But see for yourself:


No answer, of course not. Since at that time all the children in the kingdom of Norge were soundly asleep. But I’m not entirely as stupid as I sometimes act. So without any further ado …


… I installed the base-devel group, followed by installation of Firestorm viewer …


… and as you can see in ArchLinux based distros we do that directly from the gigantic AUR without useless excursion to the Firestorm website. One short command and …


… Hello from the virtual side! 🙂

Of course, due to MiniMe’s old, no-gamerish tek and my old screen it’s not good eye-candy. But it fukn werkz!!! And now I’m curious if the more beotchy Singularity Viewer will also install without bitching …


And yes, install werkz fine. Or did you expect anything different? But now the final test, the one Singu fails so often without applying advanced geekery.


Indeed, Singu refuses to get its tardy ass up. 😦 But at least we’re online, inworld SL with Firefuk, so once again ArchLinux’s superiority is proven! \o/ Grrlpowr! \o/

Now all I need is to get MiniMax back so I can continue my one-woman ocean adventure.



    • Aaaw, Fred. 😦 Please don’t cry. No fear, I only installed Manjo on a test machine, my good production and gaming computer still is and will stay on Namib. 😉


  1. The only reason Singularity doesn’t work on newer arches is that it comes with its own libraries, if you delete the libfreetype libs in the lib64 folder of singualrity, it will start.


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