Manjaro Don’t Love Me No More :o

Manjaro’s website looks pretty pretty these days. Like a lifestyle thing. 😉

Me. The Manjaro lover and propagandist. 😦 WTF???

But first, before I digress into an angry rant, I gotta apologize to you, my last couple long-suffering readers. Hah, I know most of you are only here for Lucy’s weekly sail race reports and results lists. You see Orca’s Linux shit only as a hardly tolerable sideshow anyway, right? Ya, I know Sammie. :/ Shut up!

And I promise as soon as my SL machine is back from the repair lesbian I’ll do more inworld stuff too. But not just right now, ok?

LOL, okay, can I go on now please? Thank you.

The mighty Manjaro Linux distribution has just released version 18.0.1 a short while ago. Huh?, you ask. How can a rolling distro release new versions? Right. Yes, no, see, they make snapshots from time to time, like a frozen moment in the evolution of said Linux distro. Because … imagine they would still use the same primordial first release version of Manjaro, ever. And then imagine the years and years of updates and changes and more updates all the poor new users would be objected to. Hours and hours of endless downloading fun and clogging up the whole house and cooking modems. :/ So from time to time, they say STOP, Everybody Say Cheese!, do a snapshot and release that as the newest version.

They warned me, didn’t they?

And such a snapshot I installed just half hour ago today: Manjaro 18.0 Mate. And didn’t I complain more than once about Mate being treated with indifference by the Manjaro devs and maintainers? And indeed it seems like Mate is the only Manjaro flavour still in Preview state, downloads only suitable for devs and testers and in  no way suitable for a production environment since it can be buggy. If any Debian distro would issue such a  warning we would just shrug it off but when DistroWatch’s #1 distro does it, we know there are real monsters lurking somewhere in the swamp.

And this is also the first time ever, I ask you to not do as I do but ignore Manjaro’s Mate flavour until it’s fully released in version 18.

But now into medias res:

Manjaro is cool. And like Mint it’s full of goodyness and getting better all the time. We can’t thank the dev team around Phil Müller enough for taming the beastly Arch in such an impressive way and making it not only usable by human beings but even n00bie friendly. My problems with this release were of a more geeky nature and probably easy to fix if I was a bit better educated and more of a code monkey. As it stands right now I can’t recommend it for anyone not familiar with the Arch way.

But look:

Freshly installed Manjaro Mate looks like any other Mate, simply simple and resasonably lightweight and very fast. Your computer, your files and your rubbish and a panel you can fill with shit (as Orca always does) or not, and the best menu in the business, the Brisk Menu (from Solus). And that’s it.

Installation went, like in most modern Linux distros, remarkably fast and easy and not even half as complicated as, say, a Windows install. Three, four clicks, your name, your password, your timezone and your prefered language … and Bob’s your uncle. As inventors of the generally beloved Calamares installer, that took the horrors out of any installation process, the Manjaro guys have already abandoned it and given us a new, even easier installer. THAT THING IS REALLY NEWBIE FRIENDLY!!! Outstanding.

The initial update was already at 400 MB but went fast and without any hiccup.

Of course, like in any Linux distro, first thing you MUST do, after install and restart, is the first update. Many stuff you get here and now you’ll need in further operations and functions. As usual you can spend the time by making your desktop environment pretty and functional for yourself. At least in Mate and KDE you can do so, to a lesser extent in Cinnamon, Budgie and other Gnome3-based DEs.

After the initial update is done you can install additional language packs, a newer kernel (not necessary with this new Manjaro as it is already on Kernel 4.19.6, which is top notch bleeding edge). Oh, and this is the time to install your most needed softwares as Manjaro is rather sparsely equipped. Didn’t even come with the Thunderbird. 😮 Don’t these young geeks not use email anymore? Anyhoo, all this is fast and easily done and no problem. Not even for when you’re a n00b.

The Brisk Menu is clearly and logically structured and a super way to operate and navigate your system.

See what I did here? Shrunk the height of the bottom panel (Mate got rid of the top panel anyway, at least in Manjaro) and switched to another wallpaper. Aaaaand I also shrunk the icon sizes to 50% and renamed them accordingly to their function and content. That’s how Orca rolls, not a call for copycats.

I’m already used to Singularity refusing to install without major operations in the deepest dungeons of the file system. So let’s try the unproblematic Firestorm …

Before I even start the total customization of this new Manjaro, I try to install a Second Life viewer but fail on Singularity already long before I hit the usual problems. 😮 So let’s try Firefuk since that viewer does always work.

… which quits on us with the same lame excuses. 😦

Or does it?

Shit crap fuk! This will take hours of me scrambling for info and solutions and workarounds. And this is where the buck stops with me! If I, with all my experience of bullying ArchLinux systems into submisson, fail at a simple installation, how could I recommend this shit to others? At least to other SL residents?

Looks so nice and harmless but can be a real pwrful beeoch!

Hah! See what I did there? I can’t recommmend Manjaro, or any ArchLinux distro to Second Life players, BUT not everyone is such a weird being. So if you don’t need to install a fringe Third-Party Viewer for a fringe virtual world from the super fringy Arch User Repository, the rest of Manjaro is pretty awesome and just as easy to use as Mint or Ubuntu, or MX or Peppermint or what have you.

And using Manjaro gives you the good uplifting (if fake) feeling to belong to an elite within the elite of computer users. Not only can you now sneer on poor Microsoft and Apple victims, you can even look down on fellow Linuxers.




    • Isn’t it installed by default?
      Stupid Manjaro stupid devels. 🙂

      Anyway, please tell me the according command line so I can install it, please. sudo pacman -S base-devel? Would that be right?


  1. I think it is installed by default, but the error message was that the program strip couldn’t be found. Some quick googling tells us that strip is part of the binutils package which is part of the base-devel group of packages which again is need to use AUR.

    Liked by 1 person

    • Uh, okeeee. Thanks for elaborating on that, sweetie. So I guess my warning made sense and the BETA is indeed not ready for the primetime, no?


    • Me? Why me??? OMG, I couldn’t even manage to get registered at the Manjaro forum since it always repeats that my name is already registered. 😮 Ya, motherfunners, it’s registered for me and used to work in the old forum but not anymore in the new one. I’m so tired of this shit and I can find answers to most my questions since somebody else already asked them. I mean I could maybe contact PhilM directly per email but I’m also a bit lazy … and fukit, not a Manjo user anymore as you should know.

      Why don’t you do it? You know what you’re talking about and you’re a professional. Pretty pleeez. 😉


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