Linux Mint 19.1 BETA

Hoo! Hah!

I’m far too lazy and tired right now to install it but here’s a little video by our friend IG:

He seems to love the new version so far while I stay reserved as usual and am not too convinced by many stuffs in the modernized Cinnamon environment. Fortunately in 19.1 you’ll have the option to decide between classical and modern approach. \o/ Awesome! \o/

That’s fair enough and cements Mint’s reputation as a crowd pleaser even more. And if you’re like totally into old folks’ Linux, there’s also Cinnamon’s companion piece, the Mate DE to choose from. What I can attest to, after having watched the vid, 19.1 on Cinnamon is very polished and looks like from one mold. This is easy to use and super professional on a totally new level. Looksie for yourself!

Oh, and there’s no reason not to install the Beta version as it will update to the release version automatically. So you don’t need to wait any longer but can jump onto the new Minty goodness right away! And as IG said himself, Clem and his Minty gang always have the user in mind, and trying their utmost to release a spick n span polished OS. Will there be a learning curve? Of course. But Mint will make the switch easy without putting restrictions on you. Know how to use a mouse and a keyboard? Cool. Then this is right for you!

Don’t go with Xfce, choose MATE if you’re old and Cinnamon if you’re young, fresh and funky … and a bit stupid. 🙂

What’s left to say: No pressure! But if, from now on you’re visiting this blog on anything other than Linux, you’ll lose the respect of the editrix and all your fellow blogreaders! You don’t wanna be a pariah, no?


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