Fukn Scratches :(

Hey guys,

as you know your friendly sea mammal is at her elegant and majestic best in the water as on the yoga mat, where she can perform small wonders. Only on the road she’s a regular klutz, a clumsy cow. 😮 And today when I looked at our freshly painted rims I noticed …

Screechy scratchy! 😮
OMG! WTF have I done there?

That’s soooo typical: Before we have this van roadworthy, registered, properly licenced and completely restored, most of the stuff will already be ruined. And the worst is that I have nobody to blame but myself. 😮

So shame on me and all that. 😦



    • Yeah some of the kerb stones actually are. So to warn vehiclists not to bump into them. 🙂 And I don’t know if it was a kerb stone or something different. Maybe a baby stroller or sumfink? :/


    • My brakes are well looked after by the West Coast Brake and Clutch Center, and they tell me not to worry. The important part, where the brake pads actually grip into the disc are super shiny and fresh, actually even squeetchy fresh. It’s really nerve wracking, every time I brake the van goes like “Quietsch!!!”.

      The lady at the reception tells me I need to do some emergency brake maneuvres to get rid of the noise but I’m so lightfooted I hardly need to brake at all when I’m, like, driving or sumfin’. Anyhoo, I have disc brakes all around and all the hydraulic lines, pads and discs are in best working order so the brakes are the least of my concern.


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