Our Shithole

Yes, we know South Africa is a shithole country. The late Maiti Yenni herself told me so at least a dozen times, always when she was pushing her hateful agenda. As well as countless drama-seeking, cklickbaity YouTube videos do in a constant stream of negative objective reporting. And yes, a lot of it is correct, politicians are corrupt on almost American level while the crime and murder rate is shooting through the roof. And later tonight we’ll suffer yet another loadshedding (blackout), due to underdeveloped energy plants. 😦

Yeah, its a pretty shitty life we have here. And still …




    • Das war als wir noch über längere Zeiträume in HH weilten und einer unserer Freunde hier dringend eine Bleibe brauchte. Inzwischen organisieren wir unsere Dland Besuche eher so Guerilla-mäßig, dass wir schon wieder im Flugzeug sitzen sind bevor wir richtig angekommen sind.


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