Linux MX-18 BETA

Just a couple days ago I decided to look at MX-18 after Chris was pretty enthusiastic about it – and meanwhile there are more positive reviews flooding in – so yesterday I installed it on MiniMe to see for myself if I’d like it better after my not-too-friendly reviews of earlier MX versions. They won’t get away from their beloved Xfce desktop so I better learn to accept that fact and judge this Debian-based distro on other qualities.

What I hate about the MX-18 desktop is the left-hand side panel. I want that thing at the bottom or – if has to be – at the top. On the side is totally against my muscle memory and workflow. But look at the CPU and HDD usage. Debian with Xfce desktop is very lightweight and should run very nicely on your oldold hardware.

But no fear, this isn’t even going to be a full-blown distro review but we can keep it short and sweet. Firstly because it’s Debian. Let me make it more clearer: It’s Debian! So of course everything works and it’s unkaputtable. Or did you expect any different? It’s on a fairly new 4.19.5 Linux Kernel and comes with a lot of preinstalled software in also very recent versions. Hey, that’s not always the case in the verrry slooooowly (think glacier speed) developing Debian world. So you can expect all your standard needs being covered and running without any problems.

MX-18 BETA is, as the name suggests, Beta software … but it’s also Debian, so this version is probably more stable than release versions of other distros. I wouldn’t have any problems installing MX-18 and using it right away as my main server- or production machine’s OS. But as you know the majority of my readers are Second Life residents so I conducted my usual test and downloaded and tried to install my favourite SL viewer, Singularity. Emphasis on tried, since I, again, wasn’t able to get it to run on my test computer. 😦

Unpacked Singularity files refuse to run the viewer on this system. 😦

When Trap states that I’m an idiot she might not be very far off with her assessment, since there are clearly ways to get that viewer to run, and probably even to install it properly. But as a matter of fact I couldn’t get Singu to run by using the only method I know of in Debian- and Ubuntu-based distros.

So in the state of MX-18 as it is right now, and with this housewively user, there is no chance for me to use this beloved distro as a daily rider. 😦 And yet there are people who think I am a fancy woman for using super duper geeky ArchLinux derivatives. If it’s so cryptic and geekynerdycomplex, why then can I properly install and play SL on Arch like a boss, eh?

Pfff. :/



  1. Moving that panel is done in a couple of mouse clicks! I put mine on the bottom, except for an invisible task bar on top. Got an analog clock, desktop weather, app launchers. Xfce is super-ultra-mega customizable to infinity and beyond! That’s why MX loves Xfce.

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    • “Moving that panel is done in a couple of mouse clicks!”
      Oh, I tried super duper hard, at least 2 or 3 minutes long, to move that panel to a useful place but couldn’t find any solution. And then I remembered the good old question: Why? Why do I try to wrangle with a wrong concept when I have much better stuff at my disposal? So MX was a fail for me. It’s simples as that!


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