#595 Yellow Vest


I’m gonna reblog this since the French struggle is near and dear to my heart. And isn’t it amazing how fast the Second Life fashion houses can react to Real Life happenings? Fantastic use of the platform.

Sunday Whitewood

Music of the day: "RAMÈNE LA FRANCE À LA RAISON" MOMO Ft. Charley Dornel

Sunday-Gilet-Jaune-a_002S We want a future for our children 

Sunday is wearing:

  • Jacket: [adya bazar cerberus] gilet jaune
  • Rings: [**RE**] Elektra Nails & Rings
  • Nails: [**RE**] Elektra Nails & Rings
  • Shoes: [Mossu] – Dominatrix.Heels – White
  • Hair: [{Limerence}] Amaya hair


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