SSL Finals – 4th day

Another 4 regattas. Percy (UK) finally appeared, after 2 days out he brought his own boat to particpate, of course, no chance of a good result after losting 7 out of 11 races.

From the top, Scheidt had a really great day, with 3 first places and one 7th; Negri received a RDG in first regatta; also in first, Zarif again made a great recover after rounding mark#1 in last and finishing in 6th; Grael was OCS in 2nd one.

Qualifying finished as follows:


Look at the comment by Mr. Blackwater. Fortunately nobody answered his nonsense. Those pests can derail any discussion.

Today, 3 more regattas, starting at 11:00 (UTC-7):

1/4 final with those who finished qualifying from 3rd to 10th (8 boats);
1/2 final with the 4 best placed in previous plus Mendelblatt (2nd in Q);
Final, with the 3 best placed in 1/2 final plus Scheidt (1st in Q)

Can be followed live here:

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