The End of Thar She Blows???

… at least on WordPress? If they’re really going to implement Project Gutenberg, and we can only opt out of it until 2022, I see myself crawling back to the horrible Google Blogspot blog. 😦 Yes, that one I abandoned on April 2, 2015. Remember?

Those were the days, my friends …

Right now they are still just bugging me with this stupid notification every time I do anything on my blog:

A new editor is coming to fuck your shit up!

Tom’s a WP professional and he too thinks Gutenberg SUX!!!

Well, I guess I’ll just wait until that shit will actually fuck up my screen and there’s no workaround for it. At least I know my Google blog will always be there, ready for me and you and with bottomless storage for all my photos. And be assured you’ll be the first to know in case of the move back.



    • IKR? I don’t wanna hassle with that shit neither just to do a blog once per hour. 😉

      And don’t come up with “You’re blogging so much, it would make sense to learn Gutenberg” humbug. It’s just not good enough, and to name it “Gutenberg” is the most cavalier, arrogant, ignorant and nonsensical way to sell us this bullcrap. Gutenberg made life easy for a whole lot of people, the same way the photocopier made life easy for us modern kids of the 70s. It was a bonafide revolution!!!

      WPs Project Gutenberg is a step back into misery. I’d rather type my blog with a typewriter, make carbon copies and deliver them to each of you from the back of my van.

      Fortunately there’s still the evil Google blog to save the day.

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