Captain’s Chair Pt. II

Just having a chair, and actually sitting in it are two wholly different things. So after I got the chair, like, two days ago, yesterday I had it put in the car. And … pheew, that was a major operation, as it’s not just out with the old, in with the new but they had to totally rebuild the track system on which the chair sits and slides back n forth for drivers with a different physique. Took my mechanic’s minions some hours to finally get it in place …

Yes, they really had a sparkles-making machine and even used a welder at some point. Pretty huge production! 😮
Since my girl Sammie complained the chair would look like it was kicked around by a whole rugby team I also bought a can of upholstery cleaner and used it accordingly and …
… Tadaa! Super clean and even smells fresh!

Well, now I’m not just ordinarily slumping in the driver’s seat, no, I’m residing in my captain’s chair! It’s all so firm now, firm but comfy, and the armrest is kinda must since my funny van is automatic and my left arm is pretty much useless now and can rest in style and luxury just like the rest of me. 🙂



  1. ewwwwww sends you my steam cleaner more scrubbing but good it’s installed and looks comfy
    hugs xxxxx and happy st nickolas it’s an alien concept to us brits or yanks or whatever i am xxxx

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    • Aren’t you a Frenchie by now? I’m so proud of your new countryfolk btw. Those yellowjackets are something, right? They gonna storm the bastille tomorrow, which will be an epic battle vs 83,000 armed police officers. And I like how they are from all over the political spectrum. So once Macron ended up on the guilotine the whole revolution will probably fall apart due to internal struggles … but at least it sends a strong signal to the sleepy Germans and the rest of the world: Politicians did a piss poor job managing the power for the people so people taking the power back! And intl mass media keeps a lid on the story, of course. :/

      And Nikolaus is a nice little teaser for coming attractions, is it not? Like giving and getting small prezzies and having a good time before starting the more serious Xmas business.


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