Sansar: Look at those Fukn Requirements!

Jo Yardley, Inara Pey and Daniel Voyager reported indepedently on the “exciting” fact that Sansar is becoming available via Steam, as is their blogging duty that they all fulfill so very well. Me, being the hardware brute, I was more interested in the  technical requirements, when I saw them posted on Daniel’s blog.

Here, look at it and try to comprehend what fiery hoops they want you to jump thru!

Sansar Requirements

We’ve been over the fact that Sansar, although aimed at the tek savvy, won’t be available on Linux. TRØØT! Fail, LL, hard fail!!! Oh, and neither on MacOS. But who gives a shit about those poor clueless idjits anyway. At least Sansar will happily chug along on Win7, so you’re spared the indignity of having to install and endure Win10 on your precious computing machine and consequently ruining it for use by human beings.

64-bit requirement isn’t hard on anyone. Even many Linux distros having stopped providing 32-bit versions by now, so small is the user group. Low tier Intel i3 and AMD FX4350 procis ain’t high requirements neither. Also 8GB RAM is what most computers these days have available. But that’s where the easily doable part ends, as these were the lowest common denominators of minimal requirements. Also you must sport an Nvidia GTX 960 as minimum graphics solution. And that’s where I’m out as I’m still happily SLing on my GTX770, which is two generations older but still a very capable Windlight renderer on extreme quality settings. :/ And AMD Radeon R9-290? Whoa! I dunno much about AMD graphics but R9 used to be their highest tier of graphics cards and may be out of reach for many people, not?

What else do I see in the list? Broadband Interwebz. Ok ya, that’s a given these days, as are 3GB storage. And why do they want us to wear headphones? For an immersive  spatial audio experience. Fuk that, as an American lady I’m not gonna ruin my fluffy hairstyle for this gaming kiddy shit, and as an African Eurotrash I just don’t wanna! So basta. And a microphone? Are they krayzee? I’m not even using voice on SL. Talking into a computer makes me look like a bag lady talking to her cats. Fukoff!

At least there is no mention of having to wear an Alien facehugger for when you play in Sansar. Not even in the recommended list. Oopsie! 😮 They obviously hope that we will figure out that Sansar without an Octopussy doesn’t make much sense and we’ll buy that shit anyway sooner or later. :/

No LL, not gonna happen.



  1. I don’t view the move to Steam as “exciting” … I find it “interesting” (in that it could go either way: good or bad for Sansar’s image). But then, I’m still in the camp that LL are still trying to push Sansar mainstream before it is really ready, so am waiting to be shown to be right or wrong on that.

    Tech specs wise, Sansar is always going to be high-end for the foreseeable future because … VR.

    That said, I’m surprised at the R9 290 for min spec – the R9 285 is actually a better match for the GTx960. However, while it can struggle at times, I can actually run Sansar on an i3 lappy with 8Gb Win 10 64 and – Intel HD 4000 integrated graphics! Admittedly, it’s not something I’d want to do every day, and it *won’t* get me into the scene-chewing “big” experiences yet. But, it is enough it get me into various Product Meetings (alongside of 15-25 other avatars) to participate in / record them when I’ve needed the PC for SL at the same time.

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    • Mhm, I can connect to SL with my I3 desktop on Intel graphics as well. But it’s not pretty and not much fun neither. And, please believe me, if I was on Windows – which I am not, on principle – I woulda tried to log into Sansar as well.

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  2. The move to Steam is pretty interesting for sure and I’m wondering what the audience numbers will be within the next six months.

    If this does go bad next year then I don’t see how Sansar can last any longer.

    Don’t forget the lab have pushed this out pretty early than planned (early 2019).

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    • “If this does go bad next year then I don’t see how Sansar can last any longer.”

      Ouch! 😮 LL underfinanced again? Didn’t they pull enough moneys out of SL that they are so short on breath now? Looking back at LL’s history it really is a friggin’ wonder how they survived so far. Are there no business people in that company?

      VR is a dying technology, at least for virtual worlds. I dunno the exact numbers but I guess a majority of the SL residents are female, no? And as it so happens we’re more into the social aspects of the virtual world than into stupid newfangled expensive tek that makes us dizzy and trip on your cats. Sansar is going a step too far in a direction nobody wants to go in the first place. 80% of SL resis are connecting on dirt cheap bargain basement lappies and wouldn’t know the why and how and what about Sansar. It ain’t the legendary SL2 we’ve all been waiting for since so many years. It’s for hardcore gamers (male) who will be super bored and pissed off with the content of Sansar and find a better use for their octopussies, some shooting or melee game with man-eating spaceships and exploding dinosaurs!

      And LL will be left out on the sidelines and will look at all the lost money they could’ve brought to better use by careful developing and curating SL.


  3. In terms of rendering, Sansar is totally different to SL (hence why high spec systems are preferred), So it’s a mistake to think that the look degrades anything like we see in SL as a result of shaders being automatically disabled. The issue with lower-end systems is that they are giving so much attention to rendering, general performance (UI responsiveness, avatar walking, etc) takes a nose dive. Again, hence my comment that I wouldn’t want to use the lappy with Sansar every day – and certainly would not recommend trying.

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    • … as I’ve confirmed from my own experiences with underpowered hardware. So in the moment I’m just sitting on some LCC outpost dock on Nautilus north cost and don’t go out much. Once my good rig is back I’ll jump into action again. Oh hey, I just remember I can even log into SL on my seriously Pentium-underpowered netbook which is even worserer than the i3. It works for a couple of minutes but then it gets so hot I must log out again or risk a meltdown. But it’s still better than nothing when you travel and have time to kill in your hotel room.


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