First 4 races of SSL Finals

After the races were cancelled in day 1, yesterday we had 4 races, 4 different winners, a demast and a man overboard.

First race was won by Scheidt, second by Lars Grael, third by Mendelblatt and fourth by Diaz. The last run of 4th regatta had gusts up to 25 knots, demasting the kiwi Peppers’s boat and the great Negri was paying a penalty when a gust hit his boat, causing Negri to be ejected.


Negri crossing in last place, after recover from being ejected

Replay of yesterday regattas:

Today there are 4 more races, starting at 11:00 (UTC-5), that can br followed here:

Positions after 4 races (11 first places):

One comment

  1. The Stars are funny boats, technically full of attitude but they can weather quite a breeze it seems. The heavy weather races looking like lots of fun!


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