Got My Captain’s Chair

After having spent a fantastillion Woolongs just for upkeep and repair of Oubaas, today I finally spent some money on making him nicer and more comfortablerer. Feast your eyes on this fancy thing …


Yeah, this is the captain’s chair of a Volkswagen T3 Caravelle bus. It’s hubby’s xmas prezzie for his super sexy waifu. It’s the first and only VW part on our Frankensteinish conglomerate of various Ford and Toyota spares. And it’s actually the one I’ve looked most forward to.

Will my co-pilot/navigator get a similar seat? No, fuk no! They shall be happy to find a sturdy inbuilt seat in the first place. For a second passenger I’ve got a camping chair in the cargo hold salon, and hubby brings his own comfy ultralight sports wheelchair. And in the future there will be a foldable couch/bed that easily seats four chicos and/or chicas. So they’ll all find something servicable to sit on if they don’t wanna squat on the floor. Only the skipper – that’ll be me – will have her very own luxury canapé.

And that’s how we roll. 🙂



  1. You think? It’s ok-ish at best, not too saggy, still holding its shape firmly buuut needs a very thorough scrubbing with carpet cleaner followed by a lovingly applied spritz with anti-lice, anti-flea spray. One never knows who resided last in this seat of automobile power. One skinny blacky, one fat boer or a muhammed lovin’ Arab, and how long this thing was sitting in some forgotten scrapyard.

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    • Wait for the according post to follow probably … tomorrow or so. For tonight we have planned a quiet Nikolaus night with lots of cake and movies and …


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