Bored :/

Hey Friends.

Still hanging out at Aethelwine’s LCC Outpost in Bresimo, bored outta my skull. Poor Orcsipoopsie, right? On the other hand I imposed this situation on myself … grounded myself. LOL! As long as my good rig is in repair and I only have the two Lenovos at my disposal I won’t do anything exciting inworld SL. So I mostly just hang out at the dock, showing off all my old Shark Bikis. Today mod09 in yellow. the Hawaiian, as I named it.


My girl Ophelia really outdid herself with her Shark sails and swimwear designs. Yeah, it’s oldschool af, but let’s not forget Oph left SL already in 2008 or 09, and this was all the technology available at the time. We’ve just gotten Windlight and neither of us had even the computer power to show this brandnew, exciting weather system. No shadows, no atmosphere, just plain old shit. And still I think for skintight clothes, like bikinis, the system clothes layers are still the best as mesh often looks awkward and doesn’t fit as perfectly as “painted on” system layers. Just my opinion. 😉

And I’ve told  you about my old mini-Lenovos, MiniMe and Gaga, before. They serve me well, very well actually. For daily computing both are all I’d really ever need. It’s just graphical stuff, like virtual worlding for example, where these office machines just don’t have the necessary oomph and won’t stay cool enough for longer visits in SL. So I just take it slow. Learned to be patient and relaxed after almost 12 years in this funky world. I will continue my singlehanded sailing trip as soon as the current IT crisis is sorted out once and for all. Oh yeah.



  1. agrees with orcsy on clothes best mesh is applied as it actually looks worn for tight stuff but thank the lord all those prim skirts an stuff have vanished for the more modern mortals in SL right???
    clothes are much more interesting than distros xxxx

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    • “thank the lord all those prim skirts an stuff have vanished”
      Why thank the lord for that? I loved the flowiness of flexiprims. They don’t make ballgowns like the oldstyle flexis anymore, it’s all so stiff and opaque now, and only looks good on photos.

      “clothes are much more interesting than distros xxxx”


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