CEBIT is Dead! :(

Wot? For realz???

German planning at its wurst. :/

The world’s biggerestest IT fair – by quite a margin – is no more! Managed into a state of total kaputt-ness. Why and how? Because they never managed to place this fair in a clearly defined space and give it a specific image. For business insiders it was always totally clear that the CEBIT is an industry fair, but most visitors have always been end-consumers, gamers, PC-freaks and geeks. Nobody was really happy about it but everybody attended anyway.

But whatever, it’s over now, and asking me it’s no loss. We get all the latest news about the latest tech on the interwebz, no reason to leave the house and travel to Hannover. Just to visit a trade fair where nobody wants to deal with little, inconsequential , insignificant you? Fuk no!

And if you wanna know more about Linux (why else care about IT in the first place?) you’ll always have clueless Orca’s bloggsy: =^.^=


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